Life as we know it is full with excitement, experience and definitely challenging. To create a better future is like going for a ride. That is what I truly believe. To me, being a Property Agent and Advisor is not just work, its my passion and dream. When you love something that you do, your job became your life.

I was awarded the TOP SALES OF THE YEAR 2011 in MIP Properties. That is the greatest achievement in my life. Being awarded because of my hard work and accomplishment.

I am not just selling you a property or doing business with you but I would like to get to know you better. I will provide you with a friendly service, fast and efficient. As an agent, I will put myself in your shoe plus my expertise that I have learned after years in this line.

Property is not just a place to live, its a way of life for a better future. It is definitely your own money making factory.

Property Owner's and Investor's are most welcome to list.

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Athikah Zainal
IQI Realty Sdn. Bhd. (KLCC)
REN: 05070
Contact 6012-334 6614